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T-ara’s Soyeon Admits to Having Her Nose Fixed

During the ‘I’ll Fix It’ segment of KBS2 TV‘s recent episode of 100 points of 100, T-ara‘s main vocal Soyeon bravely admitted having her nose undergone a cosmetic procedure.

A confrontation happened when comedian Kim Kyungjin said that she wanted Kpop idol Soyeon’s nose to be fixed. Soyeon then answered back, “I already got shots done in my nose before. I considered getting a nosejob before, but maybe because of this, I will get one.

She added, “Getting shots are not really plastic surgery. It’s just shots, since they don’t cut you up.

The difference between “shots” and “plastic surgery” issue had already been clarified by Ga In of Kpop girl group Brown Eyed Girls before. It was said that shots are NOT plastic surgery. Plastic surgery has silicone being injected to you, which is not done in getting shots.

Source: Nate

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